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The airport was crowded with families, couples, and singles as Sonic trudged his way towards his friend, as he saw her, a large smile came upon his face. He ran towards her, hugging her tightly, “Ah…Amy, a week’s way too long…” Amy’s eyes widened as he did this, Sonic was actually hugging her? “Yeah, it has…” He pulled away, looking into her warm sparkling eyes, “So…how was it down there? I know it’s been a long time since you saw your parents, I know one week isn’t enough…but still…” Amy’s sweet, delicate smile transitioned into a frown, “…I saw their grave for the first time in years…so many flowers and pictures are left there…” She quickly wrapped her arms around Sonic’s muscular backside, she laid her head on his chest. Of course, Amy was still a little surprise when he patted her back. Back in the day, when Sonic and Amy were about 14 and 12 years old, Sonic would flinch and ran away from her touch, and now…he was actually letting her touch him, nevermind that he hugged her.

Sonic thought of what to say, he could say, “They were loved, Ames.” But he did have another choice, he didn’t have to say anything, he could just kiss her forehead and continue to smile at his Beautiful Rose; of course Amy didn’t know he called her that…the only nickname that he ever told her about was a simple, yet pretty little name, “Ames.” After a few seconds that seemed like hours of waiting, Sonic finally replied with “C’mon, let’s get to my car, I’ll grab your bags, Ames.”

At least he was smart enough to take his car , Amy thought as Sonic picked up her bags like a personal bell boy. As they arrived in the parking lot to Sonic’s car, Amy smiled at the fresh air that she breathed in.

Sonic’s car was a simple, old car from about the 1980’s, you would’ve figured he would have a speed machine, but since he only used his car when traveling somewhere far away and that needed over-night clothes, he didn’t need something so expensive and fancy. Not to mention that he usually ran to the places he needed to be. Amy got in the passenger seat of the car as Sonic put her neon pink bags in the trunk, once he got in the driver’s seat, Amy couldn’t help but talk. “It was really nice to see their graves again, to know they were loved and all…I really did miss ya’ll.” ‘Ya’ll’? That’s a new one… , Sonic thought. He then nodded and started the car, driving out of the parking lot, he grabbed a golden chain. “Here,” Sonic gave Amy a golden locket, one that Amy had forgotten.

“I wondered where this thing went, thanks for finding it, Sonikku.”

“No problem…about what’s in there though…”

“You looked?” Amy’s sweet tone suddenly went into a more serious one, obviously she didn’t want anyone else looking at the pictures inside. “I couldn’t help it. It was open when I found it….There’s nothing wrong with it. We’re friends, we do stuff like that…right?” He raised a brow, his emerald eyes always on the road, never on her; maybe it was because he was a little scared to?

Amy gritted her teeth at what Sonic was saying, ‘friends’, that word always got to her. Always just friends. Whenever Sonic and Amy would go somewhere together, Sonic would always say, “This is my friend…best friend actually, Amy.” If Sonic didn’t introduce her, someone would just assume, and if they didn’t…it was an awkward conversation. Usually Sonic would speak first if someone said they were a couple, “Nah, we’re just good friends is all.” While Sonic explained, Amy would just sit there like a little shy kid in a corner, saddened that Sonic would react so quickly to tell a stranger that they weren’t a couple. Not to mention that when Amy always asked Sonic to go out on a date to just try it once, he usually would miss, and he never had a good excuse.

Amy hesitated, reluctant to admit that they were just ‘friends’ and would always be just that, nothing more. So instead of answering to him, she just nodded and changed the subject, “Remember that little house we used to go when we were little? The one where we acted like it was haunted and we were Ghost Busters?” A faint smile came on Sonic’s ‘perfect’ face, he nodded, “Yeah…I do. You always used to get scared when we heard stuff and you would jump on me screaming and then we would run out together.” Amy looked at him with an almost expressionless look, her ears twitched as she quickly turned her head to look out the window to see the green blurs of trees. Amy was thinking of changing the subject once again, thinking of them as children, when they didn’t care about what they did, got to her. She remembered when they had been about 9 and 7 years old, and they wanted to know what it felt like to kiss someone, so obviously they kissed each other. Sonic put his little arms around Amy’s little body and they touched their lips together for a little a while, and when they got bored of it, they played tag. But that was when Sonic was nine, he didn’t care back then, until he turned fourteen…yet he did seem to change over the years, he wasn’t childish anymore, and why would he? He was thirty-one, he had nothing to be childish about.

Instead of saying anything, Amy just sat there with her lips sealed for the rest of the car trip, when they reached her house, she smiled. Sonic was the first to get out, he grabbed her bags and then walked towards her door, waiting for her to open it up. When she did open it, the first thing she noticed was the time on her chao clock; 7:59 P.M. “I didn’t realize how late your plane was until now…eh, what’re ya gonna do?” Sonic just shrugged, closing the door behind him after he set down her suitcases. He then walked over to Amy’s couch and plopped down on it, that’s when Amy saw the bags under his eyes, He hasn’t been sleeping…, Amy thought. Amy sat by Sonic on the red couch and looked into his eyes, a little startled. He stared back, and for a little a while, they didn’t speak, they just sat there, staring into each other’s green eyes. They felt lost in each other, they liked that feeling of warmth that ran through them as they got closer and closer to each other’s faces, as if to kiss, yet every time they did do this, they never got around to it; just stared eye-to-eye, getting a closer look each second. Then, Sonic spoke softly.

“I was worried about you.”

“…Worried…? Why?”

“You driving there, you flying there…a crash, an ending up in that hos-”
Amy put her finger over his lips making a hushing noise, she then started to stroke his cheek; he flinched a little at her cold hands, closing his eyes. “But I’m here now…” Amy had a faint smile with the most welcoming and warmest of eyes. He grabbed her hand to stop the stroking and looked at her, he tried to start a sentence, “I…I…” He then pulled her hand towards his mouth and kissed the top of it, looking at the ground, afraid to look directly at her. “I…care for you, Ames. I don’t like seeing you hurt…or sad…or angry…or…-he let out a sigh of frustration and then cursed under his breath, growling a little at himself- I love you, Amy Rose.” A loud sigh of relieve came as he said this to her, a large grin coming upon his face; he had finally said it. Amy pulled her hand away quickly after hearing this, Sonic Hedgehog loved her? Was she just caught in some fantasy of her’s? “What…?” She had whispered, so surprised that she couldn’t use her full voice.
“I love you, Ames. I always have, I was just too stupid to tell you…Words can’t describe how I feel about you, the simplest I can put it is…’love’. I know I acted like a jerk sometimes, but I wasn’t trying to…I was shy. And I-” Sonic was cut off when Amy pressed her thin lips against his, he kissed back, closing his eyes to savor the moment. He put his hands gently on her back while she wrapped her arms around his neck, she then opened her mouth to put more passion into the kiss. Then, they pulled away from each other when they got bored of it, like they were kids again; they pressed their foreheads together to keep close.

“Remember when we were kids? When we practiced on each other…? Our first kiss was with each other, and, I’m hoping, our last kiss will be with each other, Ames.”

“That was a long time ago…I’m surprised you even remember that…and…I never thought of it that way. The only thing I wanted day after day was…you. When all a long I did have you, I always had your heart whether as a lover or frie-” Sonic covered her mouth, smiling, he then kissed her head. “Me and you…we’re something special, even if our story sounds like a romantic comedy that came on HBO, it’s special for us. We’ve only just begun our love life together, yet our other life, the one with only friendships and family…we’ve always been together, we stick together like glue. Every time I was picked for a mission, which was usually all the time, I would always be screaming in my head saying, ‘Let my partner be Amy, I need her by my side!’ And when we went to an event…you know…like parties? I always wanted to say, ‘I’m Sonic. And this…this is the love of my life, the one that I look forward to see every morning, the one that keeps me driven to smile…the one, my only, Amy Rose.’ Yet I could never get the courage … and now, after 18 years…I finally did it. I finally reached my goal, and my new goal, is to spend a life time with you. So…I never want to hear you say ‘friends’ when you think of us…”

Amy just hugged him, not able to say or do anything else. She smiled with her eyes misting of joy, she laughed a little. “I like that… ‘what drives me to smile.’ You’re what drives me to smile too, Sonic…” Sonic only nodded, grabbing her hand, “C’mon…I’m tired, let’s go to sleep…together…Us.”

“Us,” Amy liked the sound of that, and so did Sonic. For now on, it would be ‘them’ and ‘we’…and ‘us’. If Amy did something, Sonic did it with her, and if Sonic did something, Amy did it with him. Now, after so many years…it wasn’t lonely…because it was ‘them.’
I only called it air because...AIR planes...:dummy:....That's all I got.

So, yeah...I know I haven't made one in awhile, but here you go, a short story of SonAmy.:dummy:

IT'S SO CUTE...:iconshaplz:

I'm really proud of this one. :meow:


Sonic , Amy : :iconsegaplz:

LE STORY: LE ME :dummy:
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